Mentorship Program

Every young person deserves the tools to make their dreams a reality. Today, education and professional development are among the key factors for achieving professional goals. Foster youth, given their home circumstances, often experience gaps in these areas.  Project Fairness aims to fill this void through scholarship and mentorship.

Studies show that providing youth with mentors who are supportive of their educational and professional goals significantly increases the likelihood that the youth will pursue and complete higher education and move towards professional goals.  An important aspect of a strong mentor-mentee relationship is the length of time and frequency of contact.  Therefore Project Fairness strives to connect foster youth to long-term mentors to engender trust, inspiration, and a steady source of guidance over a period of at least a year as the student transitions through various stages of academic and professional development.

Mentorships are meaningful relationships that mutually benefit the mentors and mentees. It challenges both mentor and mentee to consider their histories and think creatively about their futures or immediate next steps  To encourage this relationship, we partner our mentees with individuals at various levels of their professional careers.  The youths are placed in contact with reliable mentors while the mentors receive the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and actively engage with future professionals.  Mentor and mentee will have the opportunity to share in mutual successes.

If you’re interested in participating in our mentorship program, please fill out the appropriate application below (mentor or mentee) and submit your application to